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Friday, December 23, 2016

Mas Sajady Admits he is Not Working with the Light


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Video:  Mas Sajady Admits he is Not Working with the Light

Mas Sajady has stated himself,

 "I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe."

If someone says they have "dark sources that help" them -- they have contracts with dark energy and are working with and via dark energy. While novices might dismiss this comment or accept justifications, experienced lightworkers know this is a massive red flag. There is NO reason for anyone working with the Light to work with or sign contracts with dark energy beings. My video below plays his actual statement and discusses it.

Listen to the recording yourself on his itunes podcast "Post Election Game Plan." The statement is at about one hour into the recording. If for some reason they have edited it out (would they do that?), here is a link with the original recording:

Visit my webpage for a free guided meditation to reset all your agreements through the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe.  This will help protect you from non-light agreements and protect you in your sleep space.

Discussion and evidence for the legal issues surrounding Mas Sajady.

Enlightening discussion of alleged mistress(es) and "chicken ribs." Includes eyewitness accounts and of course, profound spiritual meaning. The "Highly Advanced Spiritual Truth" starts here.

Much of the Mas Sajady business paradigm has features similar to a cult.

"Had I known he claims to have a blood contract with Jesus, I would have run." 

--Former Client in Demasified: NO MAS NO MORE!